Friday, October 31, 2008

Country Life bigs up da Mud

From mud to tarmac

A little bit ironic that as soon as my book is out - MUD & THE CITY: DOs AND DON'Ts FOR TOWNIES IN THE COUNTRY - we have decided to give up the country house. It was just too blimming cold (see blogs passim) and so expensive to heat (oil tank) that buying a new fur coat every week would have been cheaper (and warmer, probably as fur coats tend not to have draughts coming from above and below).

So. Now I'm hunkering down in the London flat and will continue to blog on City stuff. We're still venturing to the country now and then (staying tonight in the very lovely Stapleford Park hotel in Leics). I'll report back on any rustic sightings.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of links and attachments I'm posting up here. And do get a copy of the book - at £9.99 it's a great stocking filler!!