Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A little quiet lately as I had to recover from 'skiing' in Courmayeur. I don't know the technical term is for my antics on the top of a mountain, but hysteria and sliding down on my arse is probably the kindest. Back in Blighty, we had Easter in the country, which felt just like Christmas as it snowed (I staved off the phobics by staying inside). The olive oil is still cloudy but at least four days of the heating being on meant that by the end of Bank Holiday Monday I could feel my toes and fingers again.

Mud & The City is beginning to feel like a book now. I've been checking over the editor's marks and even caught myself laughing at one of my own jokes - which must be a good sign. And I found my mother's engagement ring, which I thought I'd lost (it was in an egg cup) - perhaps another positive omen. Now it's my last week at Country Life before I fling myself into the abyss of freelancing. Very exciting. If anyone's watching........keep your eye on this space.

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Ian said...

Jess, I'm watching! If you're freelancing how about an interview with me. Might work well for both of us.... Good luck with the freelancing. As to the book do the PR yourself! Ian